Loring Park Guest Artist Program


The Friends of Loring Park in conjunction with Minneapolis Park and Rec Board are pleased to request applications for the 2019 season of The Loring Park Guest Artist Program. This summer will be our fourth year hosting the program. The recipient of the fellowship will be offered use of the Performance Building in Loring Park as a studio for a three month residency which will conclude with an exhibition or performance and reception in the Loring Park Community Arts Building.


This program intends to facilitate a tradition of unique and varied creative projects arising from a dialog between Loring Park and the individual vision of Twin Cities artists. We believe that this residency is a unique opportunity to support local Twin Cities artists as well as establishing a vital link between public parks and the arts.


Former Guest Artists


Proposal Specifics


The program is open to all working artists, visual artist, poets, writers, dramatists, choreographers, musicians, composers, performance and conceptual artists.

  • Applicants must submit a project proposal and define their vision for utilizing the studio and the Loring Park Guest Artist Program. Proposals should be as specific as possible with emphasis on the site-specific usage of Loring Park as well as identifying the nature of the concluding exhibition or performance.  

  • The project must in some manner engage, reflect, represent, or dialog with Loring Park. While the “Loring Park specific” nature of the project needs to be addressed, this requirement is determined by the artist and reflected in the vision of the proposal.

  • The artist needs to engage with and assume a role as the guest artist within the community of Loring Park. This requirement can be met directly though the nature of the defined project, or it can be met through an offered class, scheduled open studio dates, or public rehearsals and workshops. The public aspect of the project should be defined in the artist’s proposal.

  • It is assumed that all proposals recognize the nature of the program as being within a public park setting, engaging responsibly with the public and recognizing their relationship to a program that needs to maintain good relations with the Park Board as well as the Loring Park Community. 

  • A concluding exhibition or performance is required for the residency. Dates for the exhibition and additional public dates will be arranged between the artist and the Loring Park Director. Friends of Loring Park and The Park Director will aid in promotion and facilitating events.

  • Complete application due May 5 (see below).  


 Past Project Examples


2016 Loring Park Guest Artist:  James Boyd Brent

In 2016, Loring Park hosted James Boyd-Brent, local artist and U of M professor as the first guest artist of Loring Park. The Performance Building served as a studio where James created a series of etchings and watercolors depicting Loring Park and its diverse activities. His exhibition, “Vignettes” completed his tenure. The opening was well received and resulted in individual sales for the artist as well as a purchase from Friends of Loring Park and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board as the beginning of a collection of Guest Artists of Loring Park.

The Performance Building studio was open to the public on three Saturdays during the summer and James held a weekly watercolor workshop during the month of July. 

2018 Guest Artists:  Mixed Precipitation and The Picnic Operetta

Mixed Precipitation used the Performance Building as a studio to develop, build and rehearse their 2018 production, Dr Falstaff and the Working Wives of Lake County.  They concluded their touring season with a final production in Loring Park and held a cast wrap party in the Loring Park Community Arts Building.